Our son started seeing Annika in the summer after 9th grade because he was experiencing difficulty with his organizational skills.  He was having trouble keeping track of his assignments and deadlines and, as a result, he had numerous missing assignments, which really hurt his overall grades.  He also did not have the ability to plan ahead for longer term assignments and studying for tests.  He needed a tremendous amount of support from us to keep on top of his work.  After about 8 sessions with Annika, he was able to successfully track his assignments and deadlines and did not have a single missing assignment the following year!  He is now able to successfully manage his work on his own.  Annika taught him some very simple, straightforward skills to organize himself, his time and his work.  She is pleasant, kind, supportive, practical and helpful.  We are so grateful to her for having helped our son!  We only wish we had done it sooner!  We highly recommend Annika to other famlilies facing similar struggles.

-The Ferrari Family 

Executive functions are the cognitive skills that are needed for planning, organization and time management, vital for success in school and in life.  As a learning specialist I have worked with many students who struggle in school due to executive functioning weaknesses.  Without support for these challenges, this struggle often leads to lowered self-esteem for the child and frustration in the home. I work using the Seeing My Time® program developed by Marydee Sklar and have found it extremely effective with students at the middle, high school and college levels.  My approach in working with each student is to find and build upon his or her individual strengths.  At the same time, we examine student challenges to create a program of tools and strategies that supports the unique learning style of each child.  Sessions are with students and their parents to help ensure that this support is linked between home and school. Change happens over time with consistency, reflection and positive reinforcement.  






Learning Specialist

Executive Function Coach

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