What is Seeing My Time®?

The Seeing My Time® program takes an innovative, brain-based approach to teaching time management and other executive function skills. As participants are led through the Seeing My Time® workbook, they learn about their brain, and observe how visual tools can effectively support their brain with planning and organizing. This reflective, hands-on process lays the foundation for sustaining long-term change.

Who Needs Seeing My Time®?

The Seeing My Time® program was designed for individuals who:

-Miss deadlines
-Are chronically late
-Struggle to meet others’ expectations
-Feel stressed and overwhelmed

Seeing My Time®  is especially valuable for individuals with:

-Executive Function Deficits or Delays
-Dyslexia or other Learning Differences
-A Talented and Gifted Designation
-Minimal Traumatic Brain Injury

The program is designed for individuals as young as fifth grade through adulthood. When we work with children and adolescents, at least one parent participates as well. Big changes require strong family support.

What does Seeing My Time® Teach?

Seeing My Time provides concrete, visual strategies to:

-Visualize time and plan the day, week and month
-Map out complex projects and break them into steps
-Make sure important papers make it home – and back to school or work again
-Set long term goals and reach them

Presenting with Marydee Sklar at the 54th Annual Learning Disabilities Association International Conference in Baltimore, Maryland (February 17, 2017).