​​​​​I have had the good fortune to work with many wonderful students and their families.  Here are some thoughts they have shared:


I was not happy about my relationship with my daughter.  I was referred to Annika and I wanted to give it a try but I did not expect much. Meeting with Annika over the summer was such a wise decision.  I learned to understand my daughter and how her brain functions.  We both learned strategies to plan our daily lives. Our communication is much better and my daughter's time management skills have improved.  Now she has started her new school year with more motivation, focus and confidence.  We will keep practicing the strategies!
-Lili Yang

​My husband, son and I started the Seeing My Time program with Annika the summer before my son's junior year.  We found that working together as a family was beneficial to all of us.  It helped us realize our individual weaknesses and gave us tools and strategies that were easy to apply and made big changes. We were able to support my son in the areas he needed help and at the same time give him the ability to take ownership of his work and make better choices and decisions.  This helped to avoid conflicts and arguments.  Annika is knowledgable, personable and very easy to work with.  I would highly recommend her and the program!  My only regret is that we didn't find her sooner.  I believe all children should be taught these skills in elementary school to prepare them for their future learning.
-The Day Family

My daughter and I gained so much insight working with Annika.  Using the seeing my time program with her guidance taught both of us many lessons, most of all how each of us thinks.  Our brains are just wired differently and now we can understand each other better. I am much more able to help my daughter with this understanding and using the skills taught to us by Annika.  Due to the fact that we do not live near her, most of our sessions were completed via the computer.  We did the first session and one close to the end, face to face in the same room but being able to work together online for the other sessions was most helpful.  Not just because we did not have to travel, but all my daughters school work was right within reach and Annika could really guide us in our environment.  There were also tools that help our whole family communicate better in relationship to time and scheduling.  We will never forget the skills taught to us by Annika and feel confident in the knowledge that she is available for questions or a tune-up if needed.
-Alison Novara

My daughter and I have learned so much from Annika during this program.  It has changed my entire way of running a busy family schedule.  My daughter and I are now able to support one another with specific strategies that make us feel good at the end of the day .  Annika taught us the science behind our behaviors and gave us the tools to succeed.  The look on my daughters face when she made the deans list was priceless.  It was truly life changing for me and I will be doing the program again with my college, high school and middle school children.  
Thanks Annika!​​

-Betty McGivney

Annika helped my son with his executive functions in middle school. He had straight A's in 8th Grade and has transitioned successfully into high school. I participated in the sessions and also gained great insight into planning, scheduling and time management. We learned approaches which continue to help us find solutions together and independently.  Instead of conflict we have found cooperation without judgement and our relationship is stronger for it. 
Thank you, Annika! 
-Jen Eby​

Annika has been very valuable to our family.  She was so compassionate and understanding with what we were experiencing, and she truly has transformed our school experience this year.  Her ability to teach the program and help us implement the tools was such a gift to our son and has brought peace to our home life.  He is more confident and equipped with tools to help him succeed and the time with her has really made an impact.  Her ability to connect with students and her positive attitude really made the difference.  We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Annika and will continue to use her for support and recommend her to others. 
-The Reyes Family

This course has been such an eye opener for both myself and my son.  Annika helped us to identify weaknesses with our executive functions and gave strategies to help us overcome and improve on these weaknesses.  The course was informative and extremely helpful and I would highly recommend it for any middle or high school student.  I wish I had known about this course for my older children.

-Nancy Sonett

This course helped me very much.  I am handing in my work on time because I have my calendar to look back on which I would not have done before I took this course.  This course has made me feel like I am bigger than my work (school, work, planning).  I used to feel the work was bigger than me and I would drown in it.  I can swim now.  
-Judd, 10th Grade Student

Our work with Annika transformed our whole family. My youngest son and I worked with her using the Seeing My Time program over 10 weeks. It was life changing. She knows the material and has the ability to relate it personally to the child in a way that is relevant (for our son using basketball analogies). She helped us to implement the organizational tools of the program which led to greater calm and reduced anxiety in our household.  It was so helpful to do the class as a family team so that you can understand the fundamentals and help each other apply them and create a common language.  Annika is personable, organized, enthusiastic and above all things a dedicated educator who advocates for the well-being of children and their families.
-The Carroll Family